Meat Toxins: What they are, why they exist, how to avoid them.

Evolutionary Nutriton Preface Nothing wants to be eaten, everything wants to survive. Because of this, everything that we see today (those that successfully survived and reproduced) has developed a capacity to defend itself against predators. For vegetables and plants, this is the development of phytoalexins. Compounds that can cause toxicity to the predators when the […]

Meat Slop

Meat Slop – The birth of…something? I am only known for one recipe, and that is my Meat Slop. It was birthed from a single Reddit comment and has since snowballed to be mentioned numerous times and in numerous places. Heck, its the most searched after term for my name aside from Creatine, Cheat Mode, […]

Nutrient Synergism – A lesson from foods

Just a quick article with many links for you to check out regarding a nice point of view. Nutrient synergism. To start, synergism is defined as ‘adding up to more than the sum of it’s parts’, which can be seen as 1 + 1 = 3. Taking two compounds which are synergistic with each other […]