New Metabolic Pathways – Gluconeogenesis from Fatty Acids

This is a potential game changer: In silico evidence for gluconeogenesis in humans from fatty acids This study was technological and theoretical in nature. Using a flux model (to be described and linked to later) to determine conversion of one molecule into another (in this case, Acetyl-CoA into Glucose-6-Phosphate) it was determined that dietary fatty […]

Supplements already in your kitchen

Playing ‘Mad Scientist’ in the name of Savings! Supplements aren’t magical. They are (usually) foods or plants taken a few steps away from how they are naturally made. Whey protein is merely a processed and dehydrated milk by-product, things like Rhodiola Rosea and Vinpocetine are just plants that are treated to remove certain extracts, even […]

Fructose – Exercise, Rest, and overall

Fructose: Something that might actually be bad? I was initially writing this article as a ‘HFCS clarification’ article, but it became so absurd that I had to defend something where it’s main assailants are just people who tout naturalistic fallacy, a hatred for corn, and a single study done by Princeton behavioral psychologists which has […]

Rhodiola Rosea – Queen of Adaptogens

This article is so meta. It’s a review of two review articles that they themselves reviewed review articles; researching this stuff made me want to watch Inception again. The first article reviewed (Which can be found here) was against Rhodiola Rosea supplementation, and the latter was Pro-Rhodiola supplementation (Here). Two review articles, both done in […]

Cheat mode in Depth – Carb-backloading

Cheat mode in Depth Article series This is the start of a 4-article series to elucidate exactly what I mean by my original ‘Cheat mode’ article. First Carb-backloading (or the binge) will be looked at in depth as it has to most potential to screw up progress if used wrongly. Intermittent fasting will be looked […]