Dat dere Ovum

Boring but necessary introduction Aside from my unoriginal introductory title (and my hyperoriginal article title, a combination of Latin and Bro), this is going to be a fairly straight forward and serious article. Basically, do eggs cause an increase in cholesterol? If they do, why? If they do, is this enough to either negate their […]

A Paradigm of Fatty Acids

Everybody is caught up in the aesthetics Fat metabolism is complex once you venture past the idea of fat merely being energy substrate. I don’t want to disrespect carbohydrate nor protein metabolism in vivo, but fatty acids are to those two like graduate studies are to junior high. Carbohydrate metabolism is mostly energy substrate, but […]

New Metabolic Pathways – Gluconeogenesis from Fatty Acids

This is a potential game changer: In silico evidence for gluconeogenesis in humans from fatty acids This study was technological and theoretical in nature. Using a flux model (to be described and linked to later) to determine conversion of one molecule into another (in this case, Acetyl-CoA into Glucose-6-Phosphate) it was determined that dietary fatty […]