A Key to Nutrient Partitioning is… Lipoprotein Lipase?

Preface: My revelatory moment I’ve spent the good part of the last month looking for the ‘Holy Grail’ of Cheat Mode. Something that would influence nutrient mobilization into muscle cells and not fat cells. Exercise does this to a degree, and doing the exercise in an insulin resistant state (ie. the evening) potentiates this as […]

Cheat Mode v.1.2 – Now featuring Morning Workouts!

…kinda introducing morning workouts This article is just a summation of changes to Cheat Mode based on heir top machines given by people via personal contact, /r/fitness and /r/cheatmode on reddit.com, and by more research into the goals behind Cheat Mode. Changes will be made to Cheat Mode: The Official Guide and the 4 In-depth […]

In defense of Fasting: Common misconceptions

Clearing misconceptions For those of you wondering, the tone of this article has been highly edited from my anger-rant earlier. I used my blog as catharsis, but now it’s back to business. I get a message across better being polite anyway. Fasting is a fairly unique diet technique. It’s at a crossroads (more like highway […]