Dat dere Ovum

Boring but necessary introduction Aside from my unoriginal introductory title (and my hyperoriginal article title, a combination of Latin and Bro), this is going to be a fairly straight forward and serious article. Basically, do eggs cause an increase in cholesterol? If they do, why? If they do, is this enough to either negate their […]

Supplements already in your kitchen

Playing ‘Mad Scientist’ in the name of Savings! Supplements aren’t magical. They are (usually) foods or plants taken a few steps away from how they are naturally made. Whey protein is merely a processed and dehydrated milk by-product, things like Rhodiola Rosea and Vinpocetine are just plants that are treated to remove certain extracts, even […]

A Primer on Protein Powders

A Primer on Protein Protein powders are considered a staple of many person’s supplemental regimens, and for good reason too. Protein powders are cheap, simple, and effective. They can be used for fat loss, muscle building, or for general health. They come in a variety of flavors from a variety of providers and are an […]