Creatine and Caffeine

Hey guys; good to see this blog post is still being cited. However, it turns out that a few things have changed since this blog post. I will leave everything below intact, but basically the study design I refer to a lot was kinda poopy and I’ve defaulted to a position of apathy in regards […]

In depth – Creatine Supplementation and Androgen Metabolism

There has been some concern as of late with creatine being implicating in increasing the Testosterone:DHT ratio in healthy volunteers, mainly as DHT is more androgenic and encourages hair loss [x] (in those genetically susceptible to androgen-induced hair loss) due to being both more potent and staying at the androgen receptor longer. If you are […]

Playing Devils Advocate

I’m just going to throw out some controversial opinions of mine which you may not like. Some of these are things I actually believe whole-heartedly and some are thrown in because I like to watch shit burn just to generate discussion.   Vitamin-like compounds. Mother nature is making you survive, not thrive. The definition of […]

Nutrient Synergism – A lesson from foods

Just a quick article with many links for you to check out regarding a nice point of view. Nutrient synergism. To start, synergism is defined as ‘adding up to more than the sum of it’s parts’, which can be seen as 1 + 1 = 3. Taking two compounds which are synergistic with each other […]