The China Study: A decent yet terrible book within the same covers

I finally got around to reading the China Study, a 2006 publication from Dr. Colin Campbell and Dr. Thomas Campbell (from what I read, father and son). I mainly read this book as it is the polar opposite of what I believe, and the only thing I like more than screwing with the norm by […]

New Metabolic Pathways – Gluconeogenesis from Fatty Acids

This is a potential game changer: In silico evidence for gluconeogenesis in humans from fatty acids This study was technological and theoretical in nature. Using a flux model (to be described and linked to later) to determine conversion of one molecule into another (in this case, Acetyl-CoA into Glucose-6-Phosphate) it was determined that dietary fatty […]

Cheat mode in Depth – Carb-backloading

Cheat mode in Depth Article series This is the start of a 4-article series to elucidate exactly what I mean by my original ‘Cheat mode’ article. First Carb-backloading (or the binge) will be looked at in depth as it has to most potential to screw up progress if used wrongly. Intermittent fasting will be looked […]