Contact and Info is a website orientated to bridging the gap between the science of nutrition and metabolism and their respective effects on exercise with real word application thereof. In other words, science and anecdotes come together to try and make heads or tails out of a phenomena.

Then applying this knowledge to your goals, as far-ranging as they may be. Delivered in either an eloquent and respectable politically-correct package, or bluntly like a lead pipe to the face. Whichever method you prefer, given your results aren’t adversely effected by the delivery.

The blog and posts will have a user-driven and community influenced perspective to help better see the real side of things. And users who show excellence in achieving their goals will be highlighted in order to show what can be achieved by thinking about your future actions and actually acting on those thoughts.

For Questions and Concerns regarding this blog or either of my main avenue of work (, an e-mail can be sent to or said work’s email addy (

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