Hydracetam Update

Hydracetam Changes A while ago I blogged about my new Pre-workout, which was Hydracetam. Basically, Aniracetam paired with Alpha-GPC and Huperzine-A. I have since made some beneficial changes to it, should save everybody some money. Below are the changes, and my reasoning for it. Basically, drop the Huperzine-A Looking over Huperzine-A’s involvement in the stack, […]

In depth – Creatine Supplementation and Androgen Metabolism

There has been some concern as of late with creatine being implicating in increasing the Testosterone:DHT ratio in healthy volunteers, mainly as DHT is more androgenic and encourages hair loss [x] (in those genetically susceptible to androgen-induced hair loss) due to being both more potent and staying at the androgen receptor longer. If you are […]

Hydracetam – My experiments with an Acetylcholine based pre-workout

Every cloud has a silver lining So as of late I have been experimenting with a new pre-workout formulation. I thought it was relatively ground-breaking, but avoided the term since if everything made was ground-breaking then the supplement world would resemble an Arizona desert. I first started trying to dissect different pre-workout supplements while ordering […]

Marijuana: Why are the most interesting compounds illegal?

For the past three days I have been working on the Examine page for Marijuana, which can be found here. Despite (at the moment) having 101 direct citations, above 30 of them to literature reviews done in the last decade, the page is still preliminary (despite being the largest examine page at the moment, by […]

Herbal Testosterone Boosters; studies and thoughts

Herbal Test Boosters; wading through a lot of shit I previously wrote about D-Aspartic Acid which, as a ‘natural testosterone booster’, is looking pretty effective thus far. One of the best on the market right now is Prime Male testosterone booster. That being said, it doesn’t have too much evidence behind it. Just one _in […]