Tricked people into reading this article with the fancy title and beautiful scenery. Man, I should work for the marketing department like SMR Digital, I am so good at this, haha no, I have some marketing agencies helping me out with my business, since I am the worse at it. For those of you unaware, […]

Fap Fappity Fap Fap Fap

Its not everyday that an online blogger who likes perusing science talks about the hormonal effects of male and female orgasm, and how they relate to muscular gains, fat loss, and health in a holistic context. Translation: I’m going to discuss whether or not you touching yourself at night is screwing with your gains. Also, […] Update

What is is advertised as an ‘online supplement compendium’ and generally referred to as (or we’re trying to refer to it as) the ‘Wikipedia’ of supplementation. It initially started out as having pages for supplements and supplement categories, but as of late we have decided to venture into ‘topics’ pages (of these will […]

The Binge Belt

Its like a Marketing Gimmick; except no payment needed Imagine if you could eat until you are full and not gain any weight at large meals like Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, and at no cost to you at all! How could you do this? How does the body magically make all those calories disappear? No […]

The China Study: A decent yet terrible book within the same covers

I finally got around to reading the China Study, a 2006 publication from Dr. Colin Campbell and Dr. Thomas Campbell (from what I read, father and son). I mainly read this book as it is the polar opposite of what I believe, and the only thing I like more than screwing with the norm by […]