Blanket Statements, Laws, and an Addendum to Calories in v. out

Main picture for this article is Berberine. I like the molecule’s actions, it is mentioned in this article, and it looks like a snake. Snakes are cool. If trying to summarize a ton of knowledge, research, and experiences into some easily digested format to give to a reader or client I tend to use one […]

The Third King Emerges

(I swear this discovery was accidental and not at all related to Christmas) Ashwagandha, an adaptogenic herb that has been traditionally used for a myriad of purposes; deemed the King of Ayurveda by many sources (despite this, my love still lies with his lover Bacopa Monnieri, sometimes referred to the Queen). Ling Zhi (Ganoderma Lucidum), […]

How nutrients interact with each other and you

Nutrient-Nutrient interactions, making nutrition complicated and exciting since before you were born One of the main complications in looking at Pubmed, seeing the results, and trying to apply them to yourself would be (in my opinion) consideration for the manner in which the nutrient is ingested. Some complications that could arise are: Misinterpreting how the […]

The Dietitian to End Dietetics

Alternate Title; ‘Burning bridges before I even knew they existed’. I expect this to be a popular article among all people who aren’t really affected by it, and the polar opposite to dietetic professionals. Also a nice segue into the revival of my blog (after a long hiatus to Examine, where I continue to research) […]

Empiricism and Science with special consideration to Swole

(Note: This article is not edited and is as close to my actual thoughts as an article would be. Its more-so rambling than research, which can be valuable in its own way) This blog post was borne out of a good philosophical discussion I had recently and a nagging feeling that I needed to update […]