Blanket Statements, Laws, and an Addendum to Calories in v. out

Main picture for this article is Berberine. I like the molecule’s actions, it is mentioned in this article, and it looks like a snake. Snakes are cool. If trying to summarize a ton of knowledge, research, and experiences into some easily digested format to give to a reader or client I tend to use one […]

The Third King Emerges

(I swear this discovery was accidental and not at all related to Christmas) Ashwagandha, an adaptogenic herb that has been traditionally used for a myriad of purposes; deemed the King of Ayurveda by many sources (despite this, my love still lies with his lover Bacopa Monnieri, sometimes referred to the Queen). Ling Zhi (Ganoderma Lucidum), […]

The Dietitian to End Dietetics

Alternate Title; ‘Burning bridges before I even knew they existed’. I expect this to be a popular article among all people who aren’t really affected by it, and the polar opposite to dietetic professionals. Also a nice segue into the revival of my blog (after a long hiatus to Examine, where I continue to research) […]

Empiricism and Science with special consideration to Swole

(Note: This article is not edited and is as close to my actual thoughts as an article would be. Its more-so rambling than research, which can be valuable in its own way) This blog post was borne out of a good philosophical discussion I had recently and a nagging feeling that I needed to update […]


Tricked people into reading this article with the fancy title and beautiful scenery. Man, I should work for the marketing department like SMR Digital, I am so good at this, haha no, I have some marketing agencies helping me out with my business, since I am the worse at it. For those of you unaware, […]