Cheat Mode v.1.2 – Now featuring Morning Workouts!

…kinda introducing morning workouts This article is just a summation of changes to Cheat Mode based on heir top machines given by people via personal contact, /r/fitness and /r/cheatmode on, and by more research into the goals behind Cheat Mode. Changes will be made to Cheat Mode: The Official Guide and the 4 In-depth […]

Nutrient Synergism – A lesson from foods

Just a quick article with many links for you to check out regarding a nice point of view. Nutrient synergism. To start, synergism is defined as ‘adding up to more than the sum of it’s parts’, which can be seen as 1 + 1 = 3. Taking two compounds which are synergistic with each other […]

Supplements already in your kitchen

Playing ‘Mad Scientist’ in the name of Savings! Supplements aren’t magical. They are (usually) foods or plants taken a few steps away from how they are naturally made. Whey protein is merely a processed and dehydrated milk by-product, things like Rhodiola Rosea and Vinpocetine are just plants that are treated to remove certain extracts, even […]

Fructose – Exercise, Rest, and overall

Fructose: Something that might actually be bad? I was initially writing this article as a ‘HFCS clarification’ article, but it became so absurd that I had to defend something where it’s main assailants are just people who tout naturalistic fallacy, a hatred for corn, and a single study done by Princeton behavioral psychologists which has […]

Cheat Mode: The Official Guide

Like Cheat Mode? I’m giving the guide out for free but you can show your appreciation by donating in the sidebar to the right   Cheat Mode: A scientific and surprisingly healthy way to lose fat and build muscle while fucking moderation in the ass: An Official Guide. Consider this article as the official ‘Guide’ […]