That meat study thing that everybody is bitching about…

I guess its my shot to beat a dead horse. My title is literal. It seems that this study has more fervor than the last bout of ‘meat gonna kill you studies’ and everyone is throwing their hats in the ring on this one. Given how a plethora of other blogs have already gotten around […]

Meat Toxins: What they are, why they exist, how to avoid them.

Evolutionary Nutriton Preface Nothing wants to be eaten, everything wants to survive. Because of this, everything that we see today (those that successfully survived and reproduced) has developed a capacity to defend itself against predators. For vegetables and plants, this is the development of phytoalexins. Compounds that can cause toxicity to the predators when the […]

Dat dere Ovum

Boring but necessary introduction Aside from my unoriginal introductory title (and my hyperoriginal article title, a combination of Latin and Bro), this is going to be a fairly straight forward and serious article. Basically, do eggs cause an increase in cholesterol? If they do, why? If they do, is this enough to either negate their […]

Meat Slop

Meat Slop – The birth of…something? I am only known for one recipe, and that is my Meat Slop. It was birthed from a single Reddit comment and has since snowballed to be mentioned numerous times and in numerous places. Heck, its the most searched after term for my name aside from Creatine, Cheat Mode, […]

The Double-Pepper Curry Bomb: A supplement stack in your spice rack

A fat burning stack that is already in your home: A while ago I ran my Supplements already in your Kitchen article in which I described how to use food-stuffs to achieve supplement like effects. It was incredibly well-recieved relative to some of my other articles, so I decided to do a follow-up. In your […]