In defense of Fasting: Common misconceptions

Clearing misconceptions For those of you wondering, the tone of this article has been highly edited from my anger-rant earlier. I used my blog as catharsis, but now it’s back to business. I get a message across better being polite anyway. Fasting is a fairly unique diet technique. It’s at a crossroads (more like highway […]

Lectins and Food toxins; concern?

Pro-tip: Plants have feelings too, they didn’t want to be eaten. This is a little motif that can be carried out in regards to food and evolution in general; nothing evolves for the purpose of satiating another being’s belly. In order to live, plant and humans need similar nutrients; in effect we are stealing theirs […]

Local Factors for Growth: Worth manipulating?

Preface Hormones and their effects on the body, I would hope, are fairly well known amongst performance athletes and those looking to better their body composition; an entry level understanding at least. Testosterone builds muscle( people just need to know How to lift weights to boost testosterone levels), insulin stores nutrients, glucagons and adrenaline release […]