Hormesis, Oxidation, and Assorted Ramblings: The first of a series of barely coherent rambles

This article is just a sort of ramble on my part; I need to get some thoughts off the top of my head and out of the way so I can do some more science, but it would be best to not put these thoughts into the theoretical woodchipper like I do after non-compulsory courses […]

A Paradigm of Fatty Acids

Everybody is caught up in the aesthetics Fat metabolism is complex once you venture past the idea of fat merely being energy substrate. I don’t want to disrespect carbohydrate nor protein metabolism in vivo, but fatty acids are to those two like graduate studies are to junior high. Carbohydrate metabolism is mostly energy substrate, but […]


One of the most sought after goals of supplementation for men is to increase testosterone. Although elementary, many people forget that levels of any┬ácompound in the body are mediated by both a (+) equation (secretion of testosterone) and a (-) equation (breakdown of testosterone). It just seems more market-friendly to ‘increase test’ rather than ‘decrease […]

A Key to Nutrient Partitioning is… Lipoprotein Lipase?

Preface: My revelatory moment I’ve spent the good part of the last month looking for the ‘Holy Grail’ of Cheat Mode. Something that would influence nutrient mobilization into muscle cells and not fat cells. Exercise does this to a degree, and doing the exercise in an insulin resistant state (ie. the evening) potentiates this as […]

New Metabolic Pathways – Gluconeogenesis from Fatty Acids

This is a potential game changer: In silico evidence for gluconeogenesis in humans from fatty acids This study was technological and theoretical in nature. Using a flux model (to be described and linked to later) to determine conversion of one molecule into another (in this case, Acetyl-CoA into Glucose-6-Phosphate) it was determined that dietary fatty […]