The Dietitian to End Dietetics

Alternate Title; ‘Burning bridges before I even knew they existed’. I expect this to be a popular article among all people who aren’t really affected by it, and the polar opposite to dietetic professionals. Also a nice segue into the revival of my blog (after a long hiatus to Examine, where I continue to research) […]

That meat study thing that everybody is bitching about…

I guess its my shot to beat a dead horse. My title is literal. It seems that this study has more fervor than the last bout of ‘meat gonna kill you studies’ and everyone is throwing their hats in the ring on this one. Given how a plethora of other blogs have already gotten around […]

Empiricism and Science with special consideration to Swole

(Note: This article is not edited and is as close to my actual thoughts as an article would be. Its more-so rambling than research, which can be valuable in its own way) This blog post was borne out of a good philosophical discussion I had recently and a nagging feeling that I needed to update […]

Fish Oil as Myostatin Inhibitor

I was researching Myostatin and somehow ended up here… That is pretty much it; weird, huh? Researching how to block the most potent inhibitor of muscle protein synthesis, of which pure inhibition is probably more anabolic than any testosterone mimetic in existence. Then I end up back at fish oil, somehow before Preparing for an […]

Hormesis, Oxidation, and Assorted Ramblings: The first of a series of barely coherent rambles

This article is just a sort of ramble on my part; I need to get some thoughts off the top of my head and out of the way so I can do some more science, but it would be best to not put these thoughts into the theoretical woodchipper like I do after non-compulsory courses […]