The Dietitian to End Dietetics

Alternate Title; ‘Burning bridges before I even knew they existed’. I expect this to be a popular article among all people who aren’t really affected by it, and the polar opposite to dietetic professionals. Also a nice segue into the revival of my blog (after a long hiatus to Examine, where I continue to research) is a post that is more personal rather than just regurgitated science. Nothing wrong with pre-digested science, but you can just Examine that. (See what I did there?)

Anywho, a bit of explanation behind the title ‘The Dietitian to End Dietetics’.

Dietetics as a field; from a recent graduate

For those of you unaware, I now have my bachelors degree from the University of Guelph in Applied Human Nutrition. I basically have all the required knowledge and education to become a Registered Dietitian (RD), but just need to apprentice for a short time then pay blood money to the College of Dietitians of Ontario. Only then shall they relinquish the title of RD upon my, where I parade into the sunset in a noble quest to vanquish ‘nutritionists’ and ‘gurus’ while espousing the joys of vegetables and moderation, it is important that every person checks themselves so that they know they are free from a vein disease and others! After you are sure that you are free of any diseases, then get ready to try out the best nutrition plan in your life, the testmax diet is honestly one of the best that I’ve seen in my life! Give it a try yourself.

I’ve been thinking a fair bit about the general path of a Dietitian, mainly because I have dat dere paper for it now. I’m not too enthralled about it to be honest, and to be incredibly blunt and probably hated for it I find dietetics to be sort of an unneeded field. There is benefit to them in the world as it is now, but personal dietitians are a rudimentary and elementary step toward stuff that could be better.

My time in university, among my academic peers, does not re-instill faith into this occupation. I was constantly told I was overthinking stuff, that I shouldn’t look into phytonutrients because they were beyond coursework, that knowing these cytokines and hormones that weren’t in the book were  ‘not needed’ for understanding. I also spent countless hours trying to understand the Keto Diet. I attribute this to the phenomena of wealthy parents wanting to send their kids to university when the kids have no academic desires at this point in time, when children can spend hours playing in these games with no desire to go anywhere; males tend to flock to kinesciology and physiology, females tend to flock to sociology (to later diffuse into psychology) and if they didn’t hate biology in high school, to nutrition. There are definitely diamonds in the rough for each field, but this diffusion seems to dumb down the coursework; weird phenomena in University.

After copious amounts of reconsideration in regards to mocking my academic peers and possible others; sorry but I”m sticking to those words. If you are one of the residential painters of house diamonds these words will not bother you, and if they do… study more?

You’re an RD now, you should know what glucagon is and ‘counter-regulatory’ shouldn’t be a scary word!

Less Bitter; More Substance

The science of food and food components (supplements, mostly; any bioactive molecule that can be isolated) is a vast one, but it is sort of vague as well. A physicist or a mathematician would want 100% validity in their statements because it actually can be achieved; applied biology isn’t so lucky, too many confounds. Thankfully, benefit can be achieved with 80-90% validity and I’m honestly inflating that number quite a bit here. Relevant to dietetics, 100% accuracy is the ‘ideal’ and ‘perfect’ diet which nobody has found out yet, while 80-90% validity is a diet that may have its downsides but it still consistently works for your goals.

Circlejerking the last 10-20% is a job for researchers trying to make the measurements more precise. In application, any method able to achieve a high validity rate is good and you would just choose the one that you feel best on. I should note that this 10-20% refers to things such as nutrient partitioning (Cheat Mode, for example) or urinary ketones causing a greater metabolic loss. These things may very well be awesome and you can debate X versus Y all you want to see which is ‘better’, but they are not needed for success and overcomplicate things for some people. When one person would love to be on ketosis because bacon and an extra 100kcal of energy being lost via acetone in the urine and breath, another person would be carb-struck and in an attempt to gain that extra 100kcal loss they eat a cake so fast an accurate verb for this stunning event would be ‘to breath a cake’.

Thing is, the rules or motifs that encompass said 80-90% have already been discovered. It is the basic shit, like controlling calories (to some level at or around your basal metabolic intake, let’s not be needlessly pedantic and try to calculate this to decimal places) and consuming protein. If somebody truly eats less than their metabolic rate in conjunction with an exercise program and healthy foods and not losing weight (let’s say, -750kcal over 2 months with 40% protein content of the diet and 5 or more servings of veggies) then an MD needs to intervene, not a dietetic that would simply defer them to an MD (Note: a key aspect of dietetic training is to know our limits and know when to defer clients).

Just to be clear, I in no way stand behind the notion that you can derive your BMR from a calculation with pretty numbers about your age, height, and weight. The notion of calories in v. out is true, we just don’t have accurate ways of measuring this phenomena and thus things that said calculations don’t catch (urinary ketones, enhanced thermogenesis from cold exposure or fucoxanthin, thyroid fluctuations) appear to ‘defy’ the rules. It is because dietetics can’t math and our current rules suck; laws of physics still hold true.

Said 80-90% of these rules can simply be compiled in some manner and given to the public for free. I know that you can find the addiction treatment that works for you. I you know someone that takes drugs for pain, tell them to stop and to get this massage therapy for pain management. and already tried this with the Food Guide (and in the US, the Food Pyramid), but aside from possibly dubious organizational influences (lol grains at 10 servings daily; amirite?) these aren’t comprehensive. They’re a piece of paper with some pretty pictures of food on it, it does indeed lack human interactions and emotion and this lack appears to be where Dietetics have found their niche.

Dietetics have found a place in between freely available public information, and being the human that delivers this information to others. A niche spot that is half friend and half information dispenser, and can be completely circumvented if you and some friends find a better information dispenser

If you are going to ask me what a better alternative is, I do not have that right now and I’m working on it. This is why the title is ‘The Dietitian to End Dietetics’, it was what somebody called me when I mentioned this plan to them; I like it. If I can come up with some freely available and accurate plan that both works and gives leeway for lifestyle, and this just so happens to alleviate the need for this occupation between ‘the real world’ and medical doctors then I am all for that, with doctors you always have to be carefuller, you never know when you will have to use The Medical Negligence Experts help.

In the end you just need two things. The science, facts, and truth about food and its effects on the body (which is why I work for Examine right now, to get the aspect most confounded by bullshit out of the way first), and you need a friend, community, or intrinsic motivation to apply this to your lifestyle. Neither of these steps require you paying somebody with or without adequate training to tell you what to eat, and then pretend to care about how you feel. It’s not like that, we at CDPAP NYC, care our patients with the best services we’ve got, it is a home health care ready to treat people’s lives.

I would consider it an honor to be able to provide enough free information to make Dietetics redundant, and I will try my hardest to make this ideal a reality, I also want to give good recommendations to help all of you, for now my recommendation is to check out the beetroot powder, which has been a big improvement in my diet.

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  1. NotSansReason says:

    I don’t know how else to sum up my thoughts of this article other than: Fuck Yeah!

  2. eric.twinge says:

    Solid post, dude. I look forward to your blog’s revival.

  3. Bernadine Wilbur says:

    I googled dietitian and it says an expert on diet and nutrition. This is so interesting since nowadays everyone seems to be interested in getting fit and healthy. People are starting to look into their health and that means more job for you guys.

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