Hydracetam Update

Hydracetam Changes

A while ago I blogged about my new Pre-workout, which was Hydracetam. Basically, Aniracetam paired with Alpha-GPC and Huperzine-A.

I have since made some beneficial changes to it, should save everybody some money. Below are the changes, and my reasoning for it.

Basically, drop the Huperzine-A

Looking over Huperzine-A’s involvement in the stack, a few things stuck out at me:

  • It has a very long half-life
  • It acts on an important enzyme (acetylcholinesterase)
  • It seems to be clinically significant (effective) in models of cognitive impairment, but not potent enough by itself to be effective in healthy persons

In regards to the last bullet, I initially included it in the stack due to its safety profile and the fact that although studies in isolation aren’t that promising perhaps it could be better with the Alpha-GPC? Since then, I’ve rescinded this thought.

This isn’t to say Huperzine-A is dangerous; it isn’t. The Columbus OBGYN has a good safety profile in clinical studies in healthy persons (usually elderly persons, and usually cognitive deficits). That being said, acute toxicity (of which it pretty much doesn’t exist) is different from long term yet subtle changes in enzyme levels.

Its theoretical that inhibiting acetylcholinesterase would cause a gradual increase in enzyme levels, which brings more basal degradation of acetylcholine (ie. less learning neurotransmitter without Huperzine-A). There really isn’t any conclusive evidence on either side of the equation here, but I’m going to be playing it safe.

Short term usage of Huperzine-A shouldn’t be too bad, so if you have a bottle on hand then its fine to finish it off. Its just with the large AUC and long half-life giving the body little to no downtime from the stressor (unlike Alpha-GPC and Aniracetam, both of which are cleared from the blood a few hours after ingestion) its not something I would want to continue recommending to people who I cannot personally modify their supplement routines. A pre-workout shouldn’t be floating around in your body for an entire day, it should be in and out after its done its job.

In sum; drop the Huperzine-A and save some money. Its the least important of the three compounds, and at the current dosage its not the best thing to take continually for a long time (and a lower dose is unlikely to do jack shit in healthy young athletes).

(Additionally, I do like to use basic stimulants like ephedrine or caffeine with Hydracetam; works nicely and has better kinetics)

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  1. 2ndLaw says:

    I guess this means that White Flood should be cycled?

    Reading this brings some light to the ‘comedown’ I get from White Flood, which is a lot more mental than it is physiological.

    Thanks for the information!

  2. Silverhydra says:

    In all honesty, I have no clue the dose of Huperzine-A that is in White Flood; it could be an active dose, they could be underdosing and thus it would not be a concern.

    Such uncertainty is the problem with proprietary blends. :(

  3. 2ndLaw says:

    You’re so right. I’m going to shoot them an email in hopes for some response (although I don’t expect much. companies must relish in using the term ‘proprietary.’)

  4. knobodi says:

    I was taking Hydracetam by taking 4 “Focus Formula” tablets. It also contains Vinpocetene. I know nootropics are prone to synergistic effects but I have no idea how most of them work. I think I will resume taking that once school starts (which is the original reason I bought those anyway).

    I also rarely take “Hydracetam” more than every other day and at relatively low dose. 300mg Alpha-GPC, 750 Aniracetam. Seems to work so far but I don’t have anything “solid” to go on.

  5. hailtotheking says:

    Does anyone know if Aniracetam increases the load on the renal system like Piracetam does. I got decent nootropic effects from piracetam, but after a while it made my kidneys ache. When I stopped using it, the ache stopped. I’m wondering if the fact that Aniracetam is fat soluble (ass opposed to water soluble like Piracetam), there would be less of a load on the kidneys.

  6. Nephilimt says:

    How long before workouts would everyone recommend taking these in capsule form?

    • Nephilimt says:

      Checking the Examine page again (not sure how I missed the info, must be in real need of nootropics!), I’ll try taking 30 minutes before workout, and adjust from there as needed.

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