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Its not everyday that an online blogger who likes perusing science talks about the hormonal effects of male and female orgasm, and how they relate to muscular gains, fat loss, and health in a holistic context.

Translation: I’m going to discuss whether or not you touching yourself at night is screwing with your gains.

Also, hard as heck to choose a front-page picture that wouldn’t offend people but was appropriate and perhaps funny. I think I did well?

Male orgasm

Male orgasm is summed up (scientifically) at the new FAQ page for ‘Does ejaculation affect testosterone levels’.

In summation, ejaculation per se does not affect testosterone levels at all. It causes a spike in prolactin immediately after cumming, which serves to aid the refractory period and help you relax a bit, but this spike normalizes in a little bit and eventually all hormones are the same, although women have different hormone composition so is good to get supplements as the dhea for women’s libido that improve sexual overall performance. Its a short spike (10-30 minutes) and there just isn’t enough time overall to affect muscular gains.

Ejaculation and orgasm really don’t affect much hormonal parameters over the long term. Its more-so the opposite, with hormonal parameters affecting frequency of ejaculation and orgasm. There is a fairly good positive correlation between testosterone + dopamine levels and libido, so those with higher levels of these two hormones tend to be more sexual in nature. Increasing libido though, doesn’t necessarily mean you increased those two hormones. Many supplements that are purported to boost testosterone can easily affect libido but have not yet been shown to increase testosterone. When you want to stop your porn addiction, visit pornaddiction.help.

The only real way that ejaculation could interact with gym performance is, in my opinion, abstinence from it. There was one study in the past where abstinence for 7 days resulted in a spike in testosterone on day 7, but it was discontinued on day 7. It was pretty much torn a new one on many online forums, but the results have been replicated. It is admittedly only two studies, but there is no counter evidence in existence.

Is it worth it though? You will have to ask yourself that. The increase seen is by 0.5ng/mL, which is about 104% of the value of the control group (averaged values from the second study were 14.5ng/mL versus 14ng/mL). So it does seem to boost test, but pretty insignificantly.

So for you guys out there:

  • Fapping does not increase or decrease testosterone levels significantly
  • Not fapping for at least a week or longer does increase testosterone levels
  • This increase is pretty small, and probably not worth it
The link between prostate cancer and fappage is not too clear though. Lots of contrasting correlations.

Female orgasm

Was weird to see such fierce debate on how to operationalize (define) female arousal and orgasm.

There is a huge body of literature on the female orgasm, so this article here is not going to be conclusive. Hopefully the Examine FAQ can be kept up to date though and serve as a better comprehensive source.

I could not find any intervention studies on biochemical markers, much of it was subjective. Additionally, there seems to be a tier of ‘context’ which changes how orgasm affects females that doesn’t seem to apply as much to men (merely saying a film is ‘a documentary’ rather than ‘erotic’ is able to reduce arousal in women). The mechanisms of the actual orgasm and arousal appear similar though, with dopamine and androgens (not estrogens) increasing libido, adrenaline being spiked leading to sexual climax, and catecholamines and serotonin working in concert to induce orgasm.

The only evidence I could find for female orgasms and health (for healthy populations, not for sexually deficient females using SSRIs) was survey research and correlations; so its still evidence, just not the best kind.

Sex seems to be positively correlated with various parameters of health and well being, but I am not sure whether this is due to sex increasing health or healthy people having sex more. Additionally, orgasm from masturbation doesn’t seem to be correlated at all with health and well being, and one study found anal negatively correlated. I haven’t seen any research on non-heterosexual females either.

So not as conclusive as the male’s section, but at least there’s something.

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    Great article, brings back memories of the endless no-fap phase on reddit. *sigh*

    By the way, examine.com is absolutely amazing. Keep it up!

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